Event Control Rooms

Event Control Rooms

Flannery Health and Safety on site Control Room for all events is based on professional knowledge and experience of our team led by a safety expert, Donal Flannery.

While designing the Control Room, we focused on its ability to specifically to meet the dynamic nature of festivals and events. Together with our technological partners, ChronoSoft Solutions, our on site Control Room make your operation safer, more efficient, and help you manage and mitigate risk while meeting your duty of care.

The Control Room will enhance the operation of your command centre and provide a real-time view of the health your event / environment. The incident management software prioritises jobs and creates an accurate timestamped record of incidents as they occur and the actions your team take in response to the situation.

This detail allows you to confidently stand up to legal scrutiny and demonstrate that your team actively mitigated risk and continued to ensure an appropriate duty of care to your customers.

Please contact us for further information and we will show you how Control Room can help you with monitoring and safety improvement at your event.
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