Health and Wellbeing Services – Mental Health in the Workplace

Health and Wellbeing Services Mental Health in the Workplace

In any one year, over one in four people in the general population and one in six workers is likely to be suffering from a mental health condition. (Health and Safety Authority, work related stress, anxiety and depression statistics, In 2015-16, work-related stress accounted for 37 per cent of all work-related ill health cases and 45 per cent of all working days lost due to ill health)

Flannery Health and Safety have designed a Mental Health in the Workplace programme for organisations with limited mental health and wellbeing expertise to be able to quickly implement interventions that provide support and improve the wellbeing of the workforce.

Our Organisational Wellbeing Survey benchmarks your current position by measuring staff morale and engagement and evaluating the impact of working practices to help you prioritise your wellbeing initiatives.

Typically, topics covered include demands, control, support, role, working relationships, change and actual hours spent on work.

Flannery Health and Safety work with you to design a bespoke survey questionnaire, with detailed results, advice, interpretation, guidance, and recommendations.

Because we offer a full portfolio of business services, we are also equipped to provide a range of training and consultancy, so can deliver the solutions required, to embed a positive and supportive environment for a healthy, energised, and productive workforce.

All programmes can be delivered in-house.

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