Support Contracts


As part of our Health and Safety services, Flannery Health and Safety offer annual Health & Safety Support Contracts that are tailored to meet the needs of our clients.

As many health and safety services are a mandatory requirement and demand annual reassessment, most of our clients engage us on a retained contract basis to implement, monitor and audit all aspects of their health and safety processes. In the construction and events sector this retained engagement may mean we work across multiple sites, venues or projects during the lifetime of our contract but in other sectors the site or risk being managed will likely remain the same and simply require regular assessment and audit.

If you sign up to one of these contracts, we will assume the role of your ‘competent health & safety advisor’. When tendering for contracts, you can use details of our qualifications and experience. We can also provide assistance with pre-qualification questionnaires, whether these are for specific clients or health and safety standards national schemes in the construction industry.Working with clients on either a project-by-project basis or with many, we become their hands-on Health and Safety partner offering complete day to day support.

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Contract Options

Prices start from just a few hundred euros per year for a telephone and email support contract. However, many companies require more help than this and consequently opt for our basic annual support contract. This includes the following features:

Note that we can further tailor our contracts if you have more complex needs. We can also include documentation that you can issue to your workers, such as employee handbooks and key information cards. These materials can all be personalised with your business’ logo and branding.

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