Event Control Room

Event Control Room

Flannery Health and Safety and ChronoSoft Solutions partnership

We at Flannery Health and Safety are delighted to announce our partnership with ChronoSoft Solutions to bring their Chronicler control room software to Ireland and Northern Ireland for the first time.

ChronoSoft Solutions is the market leading provider of control centre and incident management solutions.

Our control room provides a single, holistic view of your events, so you can manage all assets from a single platform, prioritise job effectively, ensures incidents are handled with optimum efficiency.

Makes your operation safer, more efficient, and help you manage and mitigate risk while meeting your duty of care.

Will enhance the operation of your command centre and provide a real-time view of the health your event / environment.

The Chronicler incident management software prioritises jobs and creates an accurate timestamped record of incidents as they occur and the actions your team take in response to the situation.

This detail allows you to confidently stand up to legal scrutiny and demonstrate that your team actively mitigated risk and continued to ensure an appropriate duty of care to your customers.


  • Centralise Command
  • Improve Decision Making
  • Mitigate Risk
  • Optimise Incident Response
  • Strengthen Communication
  • Optimise Resources
  • Contact us to view the full list of features that can be incorporated into your unique solution.

For more information email us at donal@flanneryhealthandsafety.com
For more information contact us on + 353 86 817 8443