Event Management Health and Safety Services


Flannery Health and Safety provides health and safety, event safety, in the live events forum, supporting the delivery of live events experiences

Our experience includes live concerts, festivals, conferences, major sporting events and mass participation events.

Flannery Health and Safety is a hands-on company, with an enabling approach to creative event safety to help deliver safe events.

Our range of services include the following, you can hand pick each one or simply engage Flannery Health and Safety to provide the full range of event safety services, ensuring your event is delivered in a safe and well-managed environment for your customers.

  • Event Management
  • Event Management Plans
  • Event Licensing -Compliance
  • Liaising with Responsible Authorities
  • Event Risk Management programme
  • Risk Management
  • Emergency Planning
  • Crisis Management Planning
  • Event Site Management
  • Event Safety Resourcing
  • Event Operations- Onsite management
  • Event Control Room

We’re here to help you through all stages, helping you plan for, create and deliver a safe event for more information about our Event Safety Services please contact us.